The 10-Hour PowerLog Made in Canada

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The 10 Hour PowerLog fire logs

Firelogs with a Difference

Fire logs are not all created equal. Many firelogs are manufactured using wax and other additives as a base to hold them together. The PowerLog is a 100% natural biomass densified fire log with NO glues, waxes or resins of any kind. The PowerLog offers 80% less particulates (smoke), 66% less creosote and more BTUs per pound than oak cordwood. This also helps with decreasing the annual maintenance of your woodstove or chimney! Not only is this firelog more environmentally friendly, but it also burns up to 10 hours!

  • Environmentally friendly. C02 neutral fuel.
  • 66% Less creosote, 80% less particulate emissions & more heat than oak.
  • Burns for 10 hours!
  • Does not contribute to the ever increasing greenhouse gas problem.
  • Derived from a long term, annually renewable energy source.
  • No additives, no glue & no wax. 100% natural flax shives!
  • Burns cleaner than wood, natural gas, propane or heating oil (Emissions & C02).
  • Works with fireplaces, patio burners, fire pits and is ideal for woodstoves.
  • Burns with no popping or spitting of embers.
  • Clean to handle & offers no refuge for insects.
PowerLog Charts
4 GREAT uses for The PowerLog
Burning logs for heating
left FIRE PLACE right
Firelogs to get a fire started
left WOOD STOVE right
Burning logs for heating
left PATIO BURNER right
Firelogs for Bonfires
left BONFIRES right